When To Shift to VPS or a Dedicated Server ?

When is it appropriate to upgrade from a Shared Hosting plan to a VPS or even a Dedicated Server. Below is a breakdown of certain scenarios where you should definitely consider a VPS over your Shared Hosting account.

  • Your cron jobs are not finishing due to resource usage and PHP timeouts.
  • Resource limits are being reached on a consistent basis.
  • Your sites require non default configurations.
  • There are bursts of traffic to your sites with many concurrent users.
  • You have an online store with several hundred products.

    These are general guidelines for when you may need to upgrade. Of course there are several more reasons that would warrant a need to upgrade.

Even if you have a new or smaller site, it’s always a good idea to remain prepared for growth. That’s because over time as your websites grow, you’ll need a little bit more power to keep them running smoothly.

Cloud – The buzz word !

Cloud is more than just a fancy buzzword thrown around in tech circles. Understand the fundamentals of Cloud and how it is different from regular hosting, what makes it superior and what are the downsides, if any. Get a handle on the different flavors – Shared Cloud hosting, Cloud Servers as well as cloud hosted applications. Understand whether you or your customers should choose cloud and learn about the rapid innovations in cloud that have changed the shape of the Web Presence industry. Cloud servers, SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, ready-to-use server images, Virtualization, 1-click RAM, CPU, Bandwidth upgrades, case studies of brands using Cloud and everything you should know is here!

Why Cloud Hosting?


  • With a top-of-the-line technology platform, leveraging high-end processors, high-performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our new cloud platform gives you the performance your customers are expecting
  • Low-density servers (fewer customers per server) coupled with Varnish, will help boost your web-page load speed two-fold!


  • If you wish to increase the performance of your site, simply click the upgrade button on the control panel for more resources to be applied to your site
  • No intrusive downtime or platform migration required, no surprise usage fees on your next bill, you are in complete control! In short, you can allocate more CPU (up to 8 additional cores) and RAM (up to 8 GB of Additional RAM) to your Cloud Hosting Package to handle traffic spikes

Redundancy: Since the storage backend is based on ceph  with 3 copies of data stored in different locations, across different drives and cabinets, we will migrate you onto another server if any hardware issues are detected on one server.

Fully Managed Support:  Ready to harness the benefits of cloud but not sure what that exactly means?  Don’t worry, our team of expert support agents is here every step of the way.