FTP Hosting Space
Who need's FTP ?

  Need a central location to store files?
  Need a fast and secure method of transferring files?

Sometimes you don't need a full blown web hosting account, you just want to share some files between remote offices? No problem, we can offer simple FTP hosting packages to suit your needs.

aalpha NET Solution FTP hosting service is perfect for those businesses who want to share software, photos, drawings, and large files with clients and vendors. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP server space is an area on the Internet you and maybe your clients can send and receive files. We have many graphics printing companies using FTP server space to collect graphics files from their customers. We also have a software company using FTP server space to distribute their software to clients. Transferring audio files for medical transcription/BPO is another popular use.

As prescribed by NAAC, this FTP Hosting can be used by Colleges, Universities, Educational Institutes in India to upload the Documents.
We can guide you to choose the right the PLAN for the above purpose.

Note : The FTP Space can be used uisng an IP and NO Domain is required for this

FTP - Chotta

  • 3 GB Disk Space

  • 20 GB Data Transfer

  • 5 Sub-FTP Accounts

  • Setup Free !

Per Year
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FTP - Power

  • 5 GB Disk Space

  • 30 GB Data Transfer

  • 15 Sub-FTP Accounts

  • Setup Free !

Per Year
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FTP - Power+

  • 10 GB Disk Space

  • 50 GB Data Transfer

  • 25 Sub-FTP Accounts

  • Setup Free !

Per Year
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Sharing files via FTP is more efficient than by email and file size limitations are virtually eliminated. Your company will become more efficient and productive with aalpha NET's FTP service. aalpha NET Solution FTP control panel will allow you to map directories, assign permissions, add/delete/modify accounts and also upgrade your FTP package at any time.

Our FTP hosting service is designed for people who require high quality FTP hosting space. The FTP hosting space can be used to store images for online auctions, graphic files for graphic developers, downloads for software developers to share with their customers, and any other purpose that could utilize FTP. The FTP hosting service is primarily designed for clients that require large amounts of high quality bandwidth at an affordable price. Anyone who requires high speed file hosting services can benefit from this affordable FTP hosting service. All FTP hosting accounts are hosted on our High Performance Linux Servers for maximum reliability and performance. Your FTP site will share the same quality network that services millions of web site visitors each day on our web hosting network.

Server Specifications :

OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3
Configuration: Dual Xeon 3Ghz; 2GB RAM
Connectivity: 1MB/s
Network: The machine is in the NAC datacenter and network
Backbone Connectivtiy : Connections to multiple backbone providers, and peering with many carriers on a regional and international basis

Standard Features :

  Screaming Fast Network
  Resume Broken Transfers
  Standard FTP (port 21)
   Compatible with any FTP Client
  Web-Based File Manager
  World Class First Tier Data Center
  Backup Feature
  Domain Name Registaration (optional)
  Setup Fee

Check the Payment Options for paying thru DD,Cash, Cheque
Educational Institutes, Students and Service Organisations can avail discounts on our hosting plans.Please write to discount@aalphanetsolution.com with your Details and Requirements
Users can UPGRADE to the next available plans anytime by just paying the difference amount on pro-rata basis.

FTP Hosting Advantages :

Your own FTP folders can be accessed anywhere from any FTP software or Web browser.
Web Access: you can upload and download files from the Web using the Web-FTP interface. Of course we also and support for all regular FTP
User Accounts: Create users who can access specific FTP folders, each with their own unique username and password. And you can administer all the User Accounts from your main login.
No Domain Necessary. Your FTP account can be set up with or without a domain name.

Don't See The Plan You're Looking For? E-mail sales@aalphanetsolution.com for a custom quote.

 We Don't Allow
   Anonymous FTP
   Warez (Software Pirating)
   Music or MP3 Pirating
   Movie or DVD Pirating
   Pornographic Pictures
   any type of free mass distribution