Microsoft Windows 2008 Hosting
   Why You need ASP.NET 3.5 ?

aalpha NET is 100% focused on providing the best value in Innovative Microsoft Windows Hosting. Our team is proud to be one of the first hosts to launch the latest Windows 2008 Hosting with bleeding edge IIS7 Hosting!

1 GB Windows Hosting

  • 1 GB Disk Space

  • 10 GB Data Transfer

  • 5 Free Email IDs

  • Plesk, ASP.Net, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL and More

  • Setup Nil

Rs.1750.00/- Per Year
10 GB Windows Hosting

  • 10 GB Disk Space

  • 20 GB Data Transfer

  • 10 Free Email IDs

  • Plesk, ASP.Net, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL and More

  • Setup Nil

Rs.3500.00/- Per Year
20 GB Windows Hosting

  • 20 GB Disk Space

  • 30 GB Data Transfer

  • 25 Free Email IDs

  • Plesk, ASP.Net, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL and More

  • Setup Nil

Rs.5500.00/- Per Year

New Microsoft Windows 2008, MS SQL 2008 are available for all H-Sphere Windows Hosting accounts

Windows 2008, MS SQL 2008 and Sharepoint 2007(WSS3) solutions feature completely redundant network infrastructure, Powerful LAN and WAN configurations, RAID10 SAS drive arrays, scalable architecture, clustered architecture, load balancing options and fully managed environments. Complimented by predictive failure analysis, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) by R1Soft and enterprise grade Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus features by Mailfoundry.

The unique aspect of its New Windows 2008 offerings is that it provides up to date hosting and development platforms for Windows based solutions on a highly available, proven H-Sphere hosting platform. These offerings allow existing and potential customer to utilize the solutions and provider they are accustomed to using without needing to utilize different control panels, or maintain multiple accounts.

IIS 7.0 Hosting Benefits/Improvements :

Windows Server 2008 comes with Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS 7.0). A major enhancement to the Windows Web platform, IIS 7.0 hosting includes a componentized architecture for greater flexibility and control.

IIS7 Hosting together with the .NET Framework 3.5/4.0 provides a comprehensive platform for building applications that connect users and data, enabling them to visualize, share, and act on information. Additionally, IIS 7.0 plays a central role in unifying Microsoft's Web platform technologies — ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation.

Windows 2008 Hosting Benefits/Improvements :

Windows Server 2008 is the most advanced Windows Server operating system yet, designed to power the next-generation of Web Applications and Web services. With Windows Server 2008 our customers can develop, deliver, and manage rich user experiences and applications in a more secure environment.

Windows Server 2008 builds on the strengths of its Windows Server predecessors while delivering new functionality and powerful improvements to the base operating system.

.Net 4 :

The .Net Framework 4.0 includes new programming models, languages, and various features that have prepared the platform for modern development. The Dynamic Language Runtime is a major step for .Net that adds a set of dynamic language services to the CLR (Common Language Runtime). This makes it easier to develop dynamic languages for .Net and add dynamic features to statically typed languages. .Net 4 introduces a new programming model that simplifies multithreaded and asynchronous programming in application and library development. Developers can write scalable parallel code using a natural idiom without having to work directly with threads or the thread pool.

There is also a parallel implementation of LINQ to Objects (PLINQ). An important feature for backward compatibility is side-by side hosting, which allows developers to run applications based on older .Net frameworks in the same process as .Net 4 applications. The .Net 4 Framework also provides garbage collection in the background. .Net 4 features a revamp of Windows Workflow and some new language features. Along with C#, VB.Net, IronRuby, and IronPython, there is also a new language in .Net 4 called F#. F# is a multi-paradigm language that is aimed at bringing functional programming into mainstream enterprise development. One of the biggest enhancements of the .Net Framework 4 is the reduction in client footprint by more than 80 percent.

Important Note on Migrating Applications to Win2008 Hosting :

Windows 2008 and IIS 7.0 is a new platform and are quite different from earlier versions. Applications that worked on Windows 2003 may or may not migrate as is to the Windows 2008 Hosting platform. Therefore, for customers migrating from Windows 2003 Hosting to Windows 2008 Hosting, we recommend testing your applications on your local development server.