.net, powered by Verisign, is one of the original domain extensions for the Internet. Standing for originality and quality, .net has earned the trust of people and businesses worldwide and is one of the most popular domains today.

Why .net?

  • Be Credible
  • Be Recognised.
  • Be Confident.

Be Credible : Validate your business online with an established domain that has a legacy. .net is one of the select few domains that has been going strong since the beginning of the Internet.
Be Recognised : Make sure your business is found on one of the most popular and respected Internet domains.
Be Confident : Since .net is powered by Verisign, you can trust that your domain is backed by the same proven and industry-leading expertise that has kept .com and .net running with 100 per cent reliability for more than 15 years.

What you get with a .net domain name:

  • The domain name you want so you can brand your business your way.
  • A trusted and credible name that your customers can find quickly and easily.
  • A domain that's synonymous with innovative online businesses.

.net and .com share a lot in common

1. Both created on the same day - January 1, 1985
2. Both powered by Verisign
3. Both entrusted to countless intersections of communication, commerce and entertainment
4. Both have been operated by Verisign with 100% DNS reliability for almost 2 decades